Roger Wood Podcast: On Protecting Great Bay

Roger Wood Postcast: On Protecting Great Bay

John Coon interviewed by Roger Wood on, along with other subject experts. Roger Wood interviews Blaine Cox, Rochester’s city manager, Dr. John Coon, technical advisor to the city, and Melissa Paly, the official water keeper for the Conservation Law Foundation. Related Articles Rochester Pitches

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Rochester pitches plan for Great Bay Estuary

Rochester Pitches New Plan for Great Bay Estuary

John Coon quoted in Fosters – a Dover, NH Daily Newspaper | Photo by Rich Beauchesne / Seacoastonline. The Great Bay as seen from Adams Point Wildlife Management Area in Durham. As part of the region’s ongoing discussions about improving the health of Great Bay,

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July 20, 2020 6:00pm – PFAS virtual presentation in Nantucket

Invited by the group called Nantucket Tipping Point, John Coon will give a virtual presentation on PFAS contamination and exposure. To sign up visit the Nantucket Tipping Point site: PFAS Webinar with John Coon, PhD JD – Sign up

AWRA 2019 Annual Water Resources Conference

Coon, Frazer to speak at AWRA 2019 Annual Water Resources Conference PFAS Water Litigation – The Proper CourseJohn R Coon, JD, PhDT. Roe Frazer, Frazer PLCThe Kuykendall Group, LLCDownload Presentation Slides PDF The Law Offices of John R Coon, JD, PhD and Frazer Law, LLC

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2019-Northeastern University PFAS Conference

2019 PFAS Conference at Northeastern University

The second National Conference was held June 10, 2019. Northeastern was happy to announce it was a great success. The significant growth in the number of contaminated sites, public awareness, community organizing, public policy, advisories and regulation, scientific research, and media attention called us to once again

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Nantucket Tipping Point

Coon Firm Represents Nantucket Tipping Point Citizen’s Group in Challenge to Surfside Crossing Development John Coon was retained as an expert consultant by Nantucket Tipping Point, a citizens’ group formed by island residents to oppose a proposal for a major real estate development on the

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PFAS – AFFF MDL No. 2873

The Coon firm is working with Roe Frazer of Frazer Law, LLC, Gregory Cade of the Environmental Working Group, and Frederick T Kuykendall, III of the Kuykendall Group, on nationwide litigation involving municipal water and wastewater utilities, and firefighters in litigation involving PFAS-containing Aqueous Film

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Oyster Farm

Coon Firm Assists Little Bay Oyster Farmers to Overcome Local Objections Coon Firm rallies experts, community leaders, and fishers to gain approval of NH Fish and Game Department for NH Marine Aquaculture for small, economically sound, oyster cove and “finishing” operation in Little Bay, NH

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